Looking at life through rose colored glasses.
Drinking from a glass that’s always half full.

Working hard, doing more than my share

and showing up – not on time – but early.

Determined to raise my kids into adults that the world will enjoy.

So far, so good.

Main objective in all things, work and play: Get it done and have some fun.

Humor, humility and love spoken here.



Director of Certification.


Present, Santa Monica CA
I work with Beachbody as the Field Director of Certification. The Field Director of Certification is responsible for the ownership, and performance of all certification brands at Beachbody. I help in the development of strategically placed Master Trainers for all existing certification programs and oversee a team that will help develop and launch new certification programs. The focus of my position is to drive revenues for certification from all aspects (e.g., certification sales, continuity sales, gym sales, partnership opportunities) using methods to drive awareness and conversion of gyms, trainers and instructors, and end consumers. My role involves the supervision of the entire team in the field, as well as the support team at our head quarters.

Wife, Mom, Motivational Speaker, Emcee, (and to most, pretty funny)

January 2011 – Present, Greater Los Angeles Area
*April 2013 – Keynote Speaker – Chi State Convention for Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. 1000 attendees
*June 2012 -Emcee – Book Launch party. 200+ attendees

Barbara Brodowsky is a motivational speaker and leading expert in health and fitness. Speaking from the heart throughout the state of California, she covers topics that matter most to women and teens. She has a keen way of vacillating between serious and silly that drives home what really matters in life. Barbara is the host of the radio talk show, “Common Ground,” and author of a popular blog that reaches out to women who need to find their strength in this crazy and sometimes messy life. Formerly serving as the Healthy Lifestyle Director for the YMCA, she was recently awarded a commendation from Los Angeles County for making a difference in the health and well-being of her community.

Barbara is now the National Director of Field Operations for Beachbody. Her task at hand with Beachbody is to end the trend of obesity by getting the masses to eat better, move more, and live a healthy life. This wife, mom, optimist, and closet comedian loves to share her personal message about how to keep a sense of humor while taking on the curve ball that life throws. Looking at life through rose-colored glasses and always drinking from a glass that is half full, Barbara has her audiences laughing, thinking and planning their next great adventure, whether it’s to do more sit-ups in a day, compete in a triathlon, or just taking time to be grateful for life’s blessings. One thing is for sure: all is possible with the right mind, body, and spirit.

Healthy Lifestyles Director

YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles

May 2009November 2012 (3 years 7 months)
Provide direction and leadership to the Healthy Lifestyles department. Ensure quality member service and satisfaction, membership sales, strategic planning, program development, facility management, strategic planning, volunteer/committee development, and budget control.
Recruit, train, evaluate and supervise all staff and volunteers.
Plan, schedule and evaluate all related programs and services.
Develop, track and control the annual income and expense budget in accordance with Branch and Association Guidelines.
Assist the Buildings & Properties department in the scheduling, maintenance and repair of department facilities and equipment.
Serve on the branch management team for strategic planning and operation management.
Serve as branch liaison to the Association’s Healthy Lifestyles Cabinet.
Research, facilitate and build quality programs that provide member satisfaction.
Work within the community to foster positive image to encourage good public relations.
Ensure integration of the Healthy Lifestyles program into the overall Association & Branch strategic plan.
Set annual priority objectives – improve service based on annual staff evaluations or customer evaluations/feedback.
Actively participate in all trainings, designated meetings and special events.

24 Hour Fitness

Area Group X Manager

24 Hour Fitness

January 1994 -June 2009 Greater Los Angeles Area
Ensure timely and adequate scheduling of Group Classes in ALL the designated
studios (including the G-X, Spin Cycling and Yoga studios)
Responsible and accountable for the customer service and satisfaction in this department.

Recruit, train and to re-train qualified instructors

Successfully and aggressively market (within and outside) the introduction of new classes etc

Constantly monitor (by maintaining proper records of attendance) the response of members to various classes and to ascertain the reasons of poor attendance for particular classes. Discuss the reasons with the Club General Manager and the National Group-X manager to devise strategy to raise interest or change the composition of classes and schedule.