Antelope Valley Family YMCA

I tell all of my mom friends who want to take on more either in work force or with philanthropy “If you always make your decisions based on what is best for your family, you will be blessed.” I have been a living example of that since my daughter Hayley was born. I have been offered fabulous jobs, projects or assignments that at the time didn’t fit into my families lifestyle. I remember my ego being hurt that I could not do what I was born to do, but I put my family first. My family is what I was born to do.   I always thought as my kids got older, I would have more time to spread my wings. What I have discovered as my kids have gotten older, not only do I have less freedom, but they need me around even more. After 17 years with 24 hour Fitness, and slowly taking on more as my kids got older, I realized I needed to be in one place where they knew they could find me. I left 24, took a leap of faith and joined the YMCA. God has blessed me. I can pick up my high school son from school, bring him with me to work out, never miss a football game or a moment where he may need me on a dime. (I traveled a huge radius with 24 hour) I think the best part for me is when Hayley just stops by my office to chat about her day, randomly. I didn’t have that before because I may have been in Bakersfield when she needed me.

If you plan your career around your family and doing what you love, you will find joy….even if the money is less.

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