I am one lucky gal…

Who knew I was so dang lucky. In my home growing up, being a kid was easy and staying out of trouble was not that hard when your mom made it her mission to keep you there. Oh, I got in plenty of trouble, but it took a lot of energy, time and planning. At the time, I wished for nothing more than space, I mean there was really nothing more annoying than a mom in your business when you are busy trying to navigate through middle school clicks and high school trouble. I had a serious dose of middle child syndrome.

I didn’t mean to be the trouble child, but trouble did seem to just kinda show up, and so did the Mothership with my Dad in tow. At the time, I was flabbergasted at her intrusion into my world. What really saved me from myself was there was no Myspace or Facebook, otherwise there would probably be a naked photo of me somewhere in cyber space, circa 1983, posted by me. (I kid…my mom would have had my password and she’d have been the webmaster controlling all content) Also, growing up in the Spooner house, phone calls were only as private as the kitchen phone cord was long and that helped in my moms quest to know all things. That strategic phone placement alone made it very difficult to plan any type  of covert and/or unacceptable activities.  My mom was a mom and she took her job very seriously. Her job was to raise good, upstanding kids that would not be the talk of the neighborhood, and I was a time or two much to her dismay. She was always fearless, relentless and nothing would stand between her and her goal: raise Barb without any police involvement. I can’t thank my mom enough for not growing weary and not giving up on her quest. I will gladly pass it down to the next generation.

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