Life without a Mom.

It’s only been two weeks since my mom passed away, and I can’t decide how it feels. To say it
sucks is an understatement, ¬†and when life goes on, I to pause to question if that’s O.K.
Who do I call when I need to cook something? Yes….every time I cooked a meal I had to call her about something. Who do I call when planning the holidays, or even a family BBQ? She has always been the nucleus of our family. She was so strong, and so brave. Never letting us see her weakness. Always wanting lipgloss. I have a sweater of hers, and I can still smell her. It’s a definite sweet smell that can only be described as my mom. I will never wash the sweater, and I wonder how long her sweet smell will linger. I wonder if it will always make me cry. It’s all new territory, and the questions can make me a wreck, but in the grip of Jesus, I am functioning. Out of ashes…beauty will rise….(thank you Steven Curtis Chapman for that last line)
And, thanks dad for choosing mom to be your wife.

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