Barb Brodowsky

Barb has spent her entire career helping women physically, mentally and financially. It’s been her mission to help them live a fulfilling and healthier life.

She is now dedicating her time to helping women move better, live longer and  have more fun through making macro changes in lifestyle habits.  


By offering a holistic approach that covers nutrition, fitness, stress management, education, and community support, this wellness package aims to address various aspects of an individual’s well-being. Adjustments can be made based on individual preferences and needs, creating a personalized experience for each client. We can figure out a healthier you, together! 

Packages can include- and not limited to: 

Personalized Health Assessment

Customized Nutrition Plan

Fitness Program

Stress Management Techniques

Longevity Coaching Sessions

Wellness Workshops

Accountability and Support

Educational Resources

Exclusive Discounts

Progress Tracking

Coaching packages are limited, reach out for more details! 


My goal is to add life to your days and days to you life! 

The results have been remarkable. I've experienced increased energy levels, improved focus, and a sense of inner peace that I hadn't felt in years. Barbara's encouragement and support have been instrumental in helping me overcome obstacles and stay committed to my wellness goals. - Chris

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